Rules of the Road

My husband and I are terrified of failure, but failing to pass our first attempt at the California written driving test is a funny story to share. We went to the DMV to register our cars and apply for a California license. We did not realize we would have to take a written driving test.

First, I must say it truly amazes me how unhelpful and confusing the DMV experience can be. Not surprising that behind every employee is a sign explaining the legal trouble a person faces for verbally abusing employees.

Luckily my husband and I passed our second attempt at the test. We recommend others try studying the handbook the night before. Our excuse is that we’ve been driving in Massachusetts for the past 8 years.

We spent the entire weekend after that experience discussing the exam. The test is tricky. For example, we knew which way to turn the front tires while parking on an incline. But which way do you turn the wheels on an incline when there isn’t a curb?

We laughed the hardest at this sign at Sawyer Camp Trail in Crystal Springs stating that the bicycle speed limit is enforced by radar. What? Really? And we thought this state was liberal. Apparently we have some new rules to learn.



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