About Me

I am intrigued by human psychology, constantly analyzing human behaviors, motivations and relationships, and passionate about advancements in the knowledge of ourselves. Exploring the influence of mass media on human attitudes and behaviors has been an interest since college. I am particularly fascinated these days by the impacts of organizational behavior and culture on social business transformation.

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Professional Profile

I am now working as a producer for Badgeville where I help businesses apply the design and behavioral psychology principles inherent in social games to drive, reward and encourage brand engagement and loyalty.  Previously, I worked as a collaboration strategist at tibbr supporting customer implementations and end user adoption.  At Dachis Group I developed social business strategies for Fortune 200 companies as a consultant.  I began my career in social media as a research analyst at IDC covering social advertising and social business software. Prior to IDC, I served as a research coordinator for Harvard Medical School where I administered a battery of cognitive assessments to patients for research studies sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health. I have also worked in the media as a writer and producer for FOX8 WGHP-TV News in North Carolina and as a video editor for public relations agency Ruder Finn in New York. I graduated with highest honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.


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